5th Grade

Day 1
Why do people exercise?

It doesn't matter if you like to play soccer, snowboard, kayak, vacuum, or shovel snow... we ALL need physical activity in our lives!

Take some time to interview your family and friends to find out why they like to exercise.  Fill out this chart while you talk with them.

Then, pick a person to do these exercises with...Have fun!
  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 30 crunches
  • 30 toe touches
  • as many pushups as you can do in 30 seconds

Completed Why do people exercise? paper from Blizzard Bag.
Email me the completed one at kscambio@sau49.org

To complete this activity online, please follow these steps.

2.  Click FILE then MAKE A COPY
3.  Type in your name and class for the new document name
4.  Type in the chart, answer the question, and type in the name at the bottom.
5.  Click the blue SHARE button on the top right.
6. Share it with me at kscambio@sau49.org

Day 2 -
Lungs & Respiratory System

Animals, including humans, have to inhale (in) oxygen and exhale (out) carbon dioxide in order to stay alive.    

1.  Watch this short movie about our lungs, the respiratory system and breathing.
2.  Read through some of the articles about our lungs and the respiratory system.
3.  Take the quiz.  Before you start the quiz, click on the small printer in the top right corner to open a new window of quiz questions.  Answer the 10 questions about the respiratory system.
4.  Once you've answered the ten questions and see your results on the screen, print them out and hand them in when you're back at school.

What to do if you don't have a printer?
If you take the quiz online but are not able to print the results, please fill out the quiz completion sheet found in your Blizzard Bag.
Take a screen shot or picture of your quiz results and email them to me at kscambio@sau49.org 

If you're not able to access the KidsHealth site about our lungs and respiratory system, then please locate the respiratory system materials in your Blizzard Bag.  Read the articles and complete the quiz.

Respiratory system quiz results from website
Paper quiz from Blizzard Bag

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