4th Grade

Day 1 - Healthy Food Choices
Healthy food choices give us the energy we need to live and have fun.

1.  Please visit the website Nourishinteractive.  This site has lots of information and games about making healthy food and drink choices!

2.  Click on the Food Group Games in the top right corner.

3.  Now, let's play!  Across the top you'll have a choice of five games and activities.
         Talking MyPlate
         MyPlate Jigsaw Puzzles
         Matching Meals Memory Game
         Balanced Hike Adventure

You must complete TWO of these activities!

4.  When you have completed your two activities, answer these two questions in an email to me kscambio@sau49.org, or in a comment on this blog.
        1.  What two activities did you choose to play?
        2.  How can you use this information in your real life?

If you are not able to visit Nourishinteractive then please complete the MyPlate paper in your Blizzard Bag.

1.  Locate the MyPlate paper in your Blizzard Bag.

2.  Record your food and drink choices for one meal by drawing, coloring, or listing your choices in the correct food group.  I hope to see healthy choices, but please be honest and record what you really eat!

3.  Also, make a list of any physical activity you do throughout the entire day!

4.  Make sure to put your name on it, date it, and mark which meal you chose to record.  You also need to have an adult sign the paper to verify your work.

Email me or comment on this blog with the answers to the above two questions about the Nourishinteractive games you played.
MyPlate paper from Blizzard Bag

Day 2 - Think about FOOD!

What we choose to eat and drink is based on lots of different factors such as: taste, looks, texture, family traditions, how much it costs, if it's easy to make, freshness, and if it's healthy or not.  We are lucky to have such a wide-range of food available to us.  Just think of what you can buy at the grocery store!!

Find the Think about FOOD! paper in your Blizzard Bag and complete it.

If you'd like to complete it online and then email it to me, please follow these directions:
1.  Open Think about FOOD!
2.  Click FILE then MAKE A COPY
3. Type your name and class for the new document name
4.  Type your answers to the questions.
5.  Click the blue SHARE button in the top right corner.
6.  Share it with me at kscambio@sau49.org

Email me your completed questions
Paper copy of Think about FOOD!

I will email you back to let you know I've received your work.


  1. matching meals memory game
    slap a snack card game

    It can help you choose healthier snacks.

    1. Thanks, Natalie. Hope you're enjoying your day!